Are You Addicted To Meth? How It Affects You And How To Get Off It

Posted on: 13 January 2017


If you are addicted to meth and would like to get off it, you will need some help in doing so. Below is information on how meth affects you to help give you motivation to stop using it, as well as some tips on how you can get off it.

How Meth Affects You

Meth likely gives you an intense high and you likely feel highly motivated and confident about your abilities. These desirable effects may last a few hours, and then you want the rush again so you use again.

There are also some not-so-desirable side effects of using crystal meth. For example, you may have a loss of appetite resulting in drastic weight loss. You may not sleep well or you may sleep too much. You will have severe mood swings and convulsions or tremors. Your heart rate will become elevated, and you will have high blood pressure.

After long time use of crystal meth, you will have psychotic symptoms, such as hallucinations, paranoia, and delusions. Mental health issues are common, which includes social isolation, anxiety, and depression. You will pick at your skin constantly, resulting in body sores, and may feel like you have bugs crawling all over your skin.

You may also have damage to the blood vessels in your brain and heart, have a stroke, or even go into a coma.

How a Drug Treatment Center Can Help

If you would like to get off meth, there is help out there. You can go to a drug treatment center and will likely need to stay there 24/7. They will put you through a detox program to get the meth out of your body. Someone will be with you throughout this as you go through withdrawal.

Once the meth is out of your system, they will do different drug therapies to see what works best for you. For example, they may offer Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This therapy teaches you ways you can cope with triggers that make you want to use meth. It teaches you healthy behaviors when you feel like you want to use meth, such as taking a walk, going swimming, or doing anything else you enjoy.

The drug treatment center may use substance abuse EHR software to aid them in your treatment program. This allows them to know the best treatment for you and to monitor your recovery. This also helps the treatment center to maintain their clinical notes to aid them in your treatment.

Talk with the drug treatment center to help you determine if they would be right for you. This is important because you need to feel comfortable with the center you choose to increase your chances of getting off this dangerous drug.