Do You Actually Have An Alcohol Addiction? 6 Essential Points To Consider

Posted on: 6 August 2016


Denial is a companion that most alcoholics welcome with open arms. It is much easier to continue to drink excessively when you don't directly assess the situation or identify the problems. It takes courage to question your habits and behaviors to examine whether you may have a problem. Consider the below points to determine whether you should seek help for a possible dependency on alcohol.

Point 1: You frequently become filled with regret after episodes of binge drinking. If you say and do a great deal that you regret while you're under the influence of alcohol, you should look closely at what is going on there.

Point 2: Your spouse or significant other has asked you to stop drinking, yet you don't want to hear them out. If you keep drinking despite the fact that people are telling you that you need to stop and take stock of what you're doing to yourself, you may want to rethink whether they are being fair.

Point 3: You make promises while you are drunk that you would never make sober. This can lead to some majorly negative consequences if it only happens once, but repeated instances can land you in a heap of trouble.

Point 4: You find yourself fixating on that moment when you can get that first drink all throughout your work day. In fact, you may start fantasizing about the first drink of the day as soon as you wake up in the morning.

Point 5: You are facing legal consequences as a result of drinking. Whether you end up with a DUI or the far worse consequences of a deadly drunk driving accident, the legal consequences for drinking to excess can be extreme. When you drink to the point where your judgment is seriously altered, it can ruin or end your life.

Point 6: You find that your tolerance has increased recently. As you drink a lot over a certain period of time, you can build up your tolerance, meaning that you need to drink more alcohol in order to get drunk. That can spell disaster as you keep drinking even more to keep up with an increasing tolerance for alcohol.

Finally, keep in mind that any and all of these points can be major red flags that alcohol is likely causing major problems in your life in big and small ways. You don't deserve to suffer through the continuing and enormous pain that a dependency on alcohol will inevitably cause you and your loved ones. Help is available, such as from Pacific Ridge, and recovery is within your reach.